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Are you saving enough?

Posted Date : 27 Oct 2018

Posted By : Capital Need

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This is the most common question everyone think. How much money you should save or invest for your better retirement, Your Children future, Your daily needs, Your healthy life.


Whether you save 5% or 50% of your monthly income, how do you come to know if that is "enough"? Here are some pro tips that can 'save' you. First of all list out the following points on which you generally spend :


1) Child Future

2) Home Loan

3) Car Loan

4) Financial Commitments

5) Living Expenses

6) Family Holidays

7) Retirement

8) Job Security


As per that recommendations, You should save wages and expenses of atleast 06 months so that if you get any kind of financial loss or any mishappening happens, You will be ready to face the problems and can get rid of the problems as well.


As we all know that funds is something we cannot expect to go always upwards, Sometimes it goes downwards as well. In this situation, We utilize our saved money. This points that we should ready for every situation in the life and always invest some amount for the future and bad times.




Anand Kulkarni

Posted on :- 27 Oct, 2018, 15:54 PM

To-Point Information. Kindly suggest what kind of investment plans are available for saving purpose

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