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Business loan is borrowed capital that propreitors/firms/companies use for running expenses to fulfil working capital gap. Companies put borrowed funds toward office supplies, inventory or business projects. Financiers importantly want to know how the business intends to use the borrowed funds, so business owners must make sure to have a clear outline for how the money will be spent. 

Business loan divided into two categories professionals and non professionals, where professionals like Doctos, CA, CS, Architect etc. can use funds to buy equipments, furnishing of their work space, expansion, new office setups etc. Non professionals stands as normal business man involves into manufacturing, trading & service industries.


What is a Business loan ?

A business loan is an loan expected for business purposes. To expand the business, to upgrade the resources of business, to increase the budget of business expansions etc. Similarly as with all loans, Business loans also involves the creation of debt and shall be repaid under the specific or settled tenure or time frame. There are various kinds of business loans, including bank loans, receipt financing, microloans, business loans and income credits.


How CapitalNeed helps you to get business loan ?

Capitalneed is the leading and best online platform from which you can get Business Loan at very low interest available in current market. Capitalneed Team has over 15 years of experience of serving clients. Capitalneed provides the business loans under your budget and requirements at minimum possible rate of interest available in the market. Capitalneed team has experts to fulfil all your loans and capital related requirements and coordinate perfectly for your every specific loan enquiry to give you user friendly and hassle free experience from initial level till successful disbursal of your loan amount accordingly. You can apply for the best loan offers by following simple steps from website today. We provide consultancy for acquiring business loans in Delhi and NCR.

Features of a Business Loan :

You can avail Business Loans for as small an Rs. 300000 (three lac) to larger amounts of 1 crore depending on various factors which includes the business size, details of profits shown of the business, existing business liabilities etc.

Like all other loans, Business loans can be availed with proper documentation required and as guided by the banks. Business loans offered in a same manner like personal loans. Hence, Simple documentation and common process needs to be done to avail a business loan.
The tenure of Business Loans can be from 12 months to 48 months. In many cases, the loan borrower can also avail the advantage of prepayment in lieu of a nominal prepayment charge, which provides additional benefits to the loan borrower.

Business loans interest rates varies from 16% to 25% which depends on several factors according to the eligibility of the borrower, This includes the credit score of applicant, Size & type of business of applicant and loan tenure.

Eligibility for Business Loans :

In order to apply for business loans, applicant can log on to our website and follow the basic instructions as requested on website. Applicant just needs to select the right option and mention the loan amount and tenure along with financial details as mentioned on website to get the best deal and offer for the requested business loan. At the very final stage, Applicant shall get the multiple loan offers at exciting rate of interest depending upon the details as uploaded by the applicant.

Moreover, Your application will be tracked to our team and our concerned person will get back to you with best offer available. Once done, You can choose your required loan offer and also you can upload all the required scan copy of documentation and address / id proofs from our website to get the fastest sanction and disbursal of the requested loan amount.

As far as the age of applicant is concerned, Applicant must be aged between 21 years to 65 years. The current business should have been operational for at least 2 years. The turnover of business must be at least Rs.50 lakhs per annum with minimum 2 lakhs of profit, Still lower amount loans may also be availed according to the lender’s discretion. The applicant must submit the last 3 years of ITR statements.

Documents required for Business Loans ?

Recent photographs of applicants
Aadhar Card
Voter ID Card
PAN Card
Company registration certificate
Last 3 years’ Income Tax statements along with complete financials
Bank account statements
Business proof
Residence proof
KYC documents of the co-applicant (if applicable).

How much loan shall i get ?

The Business loan depends upon the valuation of business and number of years of business operations. Bank may also cross check cash flows and other sources of revenue generations. Once bank or laon providers verify the required details of the applicant based upon the policy and rules & regulations of the company they can either accept or deny the requested loan of applicant.

How can i send my scan documents ?

Capitalneed provides user friendly option to upload the scanned documents (required for the loans) from the website These documents will keep confidential and not be disclosed by us on any conditions and will not get utilized for any other work or services. Once used, These documents shall be destroyed and when you will look for any other loan in future, You will need to provide another documents as requested.