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Capital Need provide the Home loans for CS (Company Secretary) professionals also. Like other self employed professionals, CS may also often require funds at various stages of their career like :


- In order to set own business


- Rennovation of the office and working area


- To expand / grow the small scale business


- To extend the further practice etc.


If you are a CS (Company Secretary) or any other self employed professional and are looking for Home loans, Please feel free to  get back to us and get the best loan offers & lowest interest rates available in the market.


What you have to do is to visit our website and provide the requested details so that we update you, How much amount you can avail and for how much period / tenure. Documentation required for applying for Professionals loans / Loans for CS :


- Certificates of your Educational or other certifications
- Your ID card (Adhaar Card / Voter Id Card) 
- Last 6 months Bank statements
- Address proof
- Income Proof 
- Past two years IT returns
- Other KYC documents etc.


For more information and for any queries, Feel free to get back to us. Check your eligibility and enquiry by Login at www.capitalneed.com or call back at 011-41012030  /  9911403232 (Whatsapp). You can also send us your requirement through email at care@capitalneed.com


We will be pleased to serve you the BEST.




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